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  • Liquid Capital: $ 50,000
  • Capital Required: $ 50,000 To $ 100,000
  • Support/Training: Available
  • Availability: Canada


Downsizing Diva Franchise


Organizing, Downsizing and Moving Seniors!

Downsizing Diva

Although the decision to lighten-up may be accompanied by feelings of guilt, anxiety and despair, we can help you go from overwhelmed to overJOYed!

Whether you're organizing your existing home or moving to a smaller one, Downsizing Diva can take care of the project - from start to finish!

Downsizing Diva can...


  • Take care of all aspects of moving to your new home.
  • Clear clutter and organize your living space.
  • Edit your stuff so you keep only what you love, use and need!
  • Donate, sell or discard items you no longer want.
  • Dispose of toxic items in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • Arrange for a Contents Sale or Auction
  • Get your house ready, so it will sell faster and for more money!
  • Coordinate home repairs - from painters to plumbers, The Diva knows them all!
  • Talk to your community group about Downsizing and Moving

Franchise Opportunity

Downsizing Diva is the first Senior Move Management company in Canada to be franchising in this exciting and practical new industry. The driving force behind the growth and recognition of the Downsizing Diva brand is a strong set of corporate values that translate into business success.

A very common question that is asked when an individual is contemplating investing in a franchise is, "what do I get for my money?". This is a valid question, and this section of the Franchise Information Kit will outline what is included in the franchise agreement.

Brand Recognition

We are working hard to execute our business plan, which is based on outstanding reputation of service and effective advertising. With a growing network of Downsizing Diva Franchise Operators who share the same values and work ethic, and a charismatic brand, we are sure to become the top-of-mind organization when seniors are facing a physical transition.

National Advertising Campaign

The Downsizing Franchise Company Inc. will work, with input from the Franchise Operators, to generate programs that will assist in increasing awareness for Downsizing Diva and our services. Over time, our customers will come to identify us with our fun and colourful brand. At this point we have not implemented the fund, which is collected from the Franchise Operators monthly. As our network of Franchise Operators continues to grow and we are able to service more communities, we will get this program underway.

Training, Promotional Support & Strategic Planning

Downsizing Diva provides franchise operators with promotional materials (including brochures, business cards, uniforms, and trade-show materials) that they may use or have our support team modify for their use. The Downsizing Franchise Company Inc. will maintain a staff reasonably available for assistance by telephone or email. When necessary, we will provide on-site assistance based on the scope of the project. Franchise Operators participate in a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with all the information and skills to be an expert in the field of Seniors Move Management. This program includes promotional, marketing, and operational skills and strategies, along with office management, and assistance with your business plan and financial goals.


As a Downsizing Diva Franchise Operator, you will have access to our team of experts who are available to help you in the following areas:

  • Administration and Finance
  • Recommended Suppliers
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing

As a member of the Downsizing Diva Franchise Operator network, you will also be given the Operations and Procedures Manual, which outlines our business model and includes a hard copy of all of the forms, procedures and resources integral to the way in which we do business.

The Franchise Operator will be invited to attend regularly scheduled seminars and training programs to keep our practice consistent and equal. You will be encouraged to become connected with some of the associations involved in the Senior Move Management industry including the National Association of Senior Move Managers, who holds a conference every year where there is a strong Diva presence.

As leaders in the Senior Move Management industry, you have direct access to first-hand accounts of industry trends, helpful resources, new educational material and programs, peer support, on-site training and networking with some of the most well known Move Organizers in Canada.


As a Downsizing Diva Franchise Operator, we guarantee that we will never place another Diva in your license territory.


  • Customized National Insurance Program
  • Economy of scale (bulk buying)
  • Tried and Proven business model
  • Booming industry with absolute growth potential
  • Excellent return on investment potential


Learn our marketing plan that will maximize your growth and margins with low cost strategies:

  • Learn how to identify your Customer Profile
  • Understand current, effective Marketing Strategies
  • Learn our comprehensive Pricing Structure to ensure each project is profitable
  • Learn how to consistently estimate and book projects
  • Participate in our National Advertising Fund
  • Take advantage of our Public Relations Program (press releases, community events, etc)


We have built relationships with quality vendors for discounts that you can take advantage of today in areas such as:

  • Print and Uniforms
  • Moving Companies
  • Auctioneers, Appraisers, Consignment Shops, Charities, Content Sales Companies
  • Insurance Programs



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